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Blender – For Sunshine People

Blender – For Sunshine People

Blender, Haarlem

Bring your sunscreen and your appetite

This is a place where I come A LOT, and for a number of reasons.

First of all: in the summer, it’s the best place in town to get a tan. The whole terrace is in the sun all afternoon, and also by the water..

Second: the coffee is really nice.

And third: their egg salad sandwiches. Omg.

The egg salad sandwich comes with avocado, rocket and some cherry tomatoes. The original version is with bacon, but you can ask for the vegetarian version. What I love about this lunch is that the egg salad has a nice yellow curry vibe going on, and that they are NOT sparing with their topping: you really get a mountain of creamy goodness on your slice of bread. I like that.

Now to the coffee. I usually drink a cappuccino or flat white at Blender, sometimes with coconut milk (which they steam up quite good). The espresso has a really nice and rich flavor, and it’s quite present, even in your cappuccino. They offer good vegan milk options, and they also make nice ice coffees (with banana and dates)!

A huge recommendation for anyone who likes food, coffee and sunshine. Bring your sunscreen and your appetite.

Blender Haarlem
Kleine Houtstraat 138
2011 DS Haarlem