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Home Made Ice Tea

Home Made Ice Tea

The last few days in the Netherlands were super hot and I spent every available minute in the sun. I’m a caffeine addict and I drink tea all day everyday, but to drink hot tea in these temperatures is ludicrous. All things considered, I decided to make some ice tea and it turned out amazing. I need this every day from now on.

This recipe will make about 3 liters of ice tea, so make sure you have a large pasta pan, and a few empty glass bottles. You also need tea filters if you use fresh tea, and a funnel, preferably with a filter inside it.

You will need

1 full filter of fresh green jasmine tea (or teabag)
1 full filter of fresh white tea (or teabag)
5 slices of fresh ginger
2 slices of lemon
3 stems of fresh sage
2 stems of fresh rosemary
2 stems of fresh mint
3 tablespoons of sugar (optional)


Fill your pan with about a litre of water and bring to a boil. I chose to boil the rest of the water in the watercooker and add it later, because it was faster that way.

When the water boils, bring it to a light bowl, and add the three kinds of tea, the ginger and lemon slices, the fresh herbs and the sugar. Boil the rest of the water in the watercooker and add it to the mix. Stir and just let it boil lightly for about 30 minutes. Your home will smell awesome.

white tea leaves

When you think all the flavors have been soaked up, after about 30 minutes of boiling, turn off the heat and wait for the ice tea to cool. Then put your funnel onto an empty bottle, pour in the ice tea mixture and place the bottles of ice tea in the fridge for about 1-2 hours.

Serve with lots of ice, some fresh herbs to make it look fancy and enjoy. It’s so damn refreshing but also quite stimulating because of the green and white tea. So drink this on those hot mornings instead of your usual coffee, and you’ll be good to go.

I’m going to make a new batch right now too. New flavors and ice tea experiments wil follow soon because I’m hooked.

Tip: Drink with friends.

ice tea